HP Desktop Computers


Below you will find the listings for HP Desktop Computers. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded HP in 1939 while Stanford university students. HP became incorporated in 1947. At this time HP sold  thirty nine products and employed one hundred eleven people.


In 1980 HP produced the HP-85, its first desktop computer model. The HP-85 was portable and was offered for sale to the every day user and business professional and it came with a small screen, keyboard, and ROM operating system. An inexpensive laser printer was sold along with it.


In 1995 HP introduced the Pavilion desktop computer targeting the home user. The model was very successful and became a leader in the market. In the same year HP introduced the HP Pavilion 5030 which had a CD-ROM drive, speakers, and online service access. HP then designed the Pavilion 2000 model to be sold in Japan however it also  became successful in the United States as well and lead the way for future HP computer designs.


HP then went on to become an environmentally friendly company. HP signed a contact with the Environmental Protection Agency to produce a line of computers which would save electricity when not being used. This helped HP to become an Energy Star company. As a result of this HP developed a cooling system for computers in 2003 to cut usage of energy used by PCs.


Today HP is a leading computer manufacturer

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