Compaq Desktop Computers

Below you will find listings for Compaq Desktop Computers. In 1982 Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto formed Compaq. They were senior managers in the Texas Instruments semiconductor manufacture. Ted Papajohn drew out the first Compaq PC on a placemat while eating with the founders in a Houston restaurant.

In 1983 Compaq made available the Compaq Portable, an IBM PC compatible personal computer. It cost $2995.


Compaq surpassed the performance leadership of IBM in 1986 when it released the Compaq Deskpro. It was the first PC to utilize Intel’s new 80386 microprocessor.


Compaq introduced the Presario model in the mid-1990s and was sold for less than $1000. In order to sell the Presario at this price Compaq used CPUs from AMD and Cyrix.


In 2001 Compaq merged with HP


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