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Below you will find listings for Dell Desktop Computers. In 1984 Michael Dell started Dell as PC Limited while in college. He continued to operate out of his dorm room until he received enough capital for it to become his main focus.


After receiving a $300,000 investment from his family, Dell began an expansion. The Turbo PC, Dell’s first branded computer, was sold in 1985. Dell sold directly to consumers and custom built each computer.


In 1988 PC Limited became Dell Computer Corporation and the largest seller of PCs. In 1987 Dell began international expansion and expanded to twelve locations over the next four years.


In 1992 Dell was listed as one of the top 500 companies by Forbes magazine. In 1996 Dell started selling computers via its website and within two years surpassed Compaq in sales.


Today Dell is a giant in the home computer industry.  Dell is best recognized for its personal computers and data storage devices and is an international computer and components manufacturer which sells directly to end-users


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